Fuller Center of Atlanta, Volunteers from The Weather Channel Team Up for Lakewood Heights

This Fuller Center of Atlanta Project, in conjunction with Hands on Atlanta, teamed up with over 100 volunteers from the Weather Channel and swarmed the Lakewood Heights neighborhood to clear out trash and spread wood chips to retard weed growth.
Along Gould Street in Lakewood Heights, located in southeast Atlanta, a team of over 20 blue-shirted Weather Channel volunteers worked taking down paneling, ripping out drywall, and cutting out old carpet in preparation for the restoration that will take place in this home.
Others worked in the sun, covering the yard with wood chips so that additional money will not be spent to keep the yard mowed during the restoration process.  Nothing is wasted; even the old carpet is taken to a recycling center.   Thanks to the “Rain or Shine” team from the Weather Channel, a good amount of work was completed. From all reports, everyone had a good time as well!
Once a home owner participant is selected, the real work begins. Projects such as replacing siding, electrical rewiring, plumbing, windows, flooring and paint will make this home like new. The Fuller Center of Atlanta continues the legacy of it’s beloved founder, Millard Fuller, building homes, changing neighborhoods and lives, one house at a time.
This can all be achieved with volunteer groups that help by working and funding materials to be purchased.  The payback comes as we rebuild in the way of less waste and not over purchasing materials in the rehab process.  This allows the owner family to work with our teams to add sweat equity as they are a part of creating the dream of a home of their own.
If you have any questions on how you and your team can participate in fund raising, home rebuilding, or providing information about a family in need of a decent home, please give us a call at the Fuller Center of Atlanta at 404-966-9220.
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