Jeff Frank Donates Some New & Used Painting Supplies to Project Lakewood

Jeff Frank Painting a Home for the Fuller Center

Jeff Frank painting a home as a part of Project Lakewood

We want to thank volunteer Jeff Frank who donated some new and used painting supplies to the Fuller Center during Project Lakewood. Jeff came out to 10 Gould St. with a car trunk load of new and used painting supplies that can be used on housing renovation projects in Lakewood or sold at the LifeCycle Building Center for proceeds which can be used to fund other Lakewood projects. Again we want to thank Jeff Frank for his contribution and encourage others to donate new and used tools, building materials and supplies that can be used on projects or sold at the LifeCycle store.

To make donations to the Fuller Center of Atlanta and the LifeCycle Building Center, please call 404-274-2406 for more information. The LifeCycle Building Center is located at 900 Wendell Court, Suite C, Atlanta, Georgia 30336. Call for operating hours.

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