The Fuller Center of Atlanta is Seeking Volunteers

The Fuller Center for Housing of Greater Atlanta is looking for volunteers who can help us build, renovate and repair more homes for needy families in the metro Atlanta area. Volunteers can assist us in a variety of ways:

  1. You can donate your time to assist us on projects to build, renovate and repair homes for needy Atlanta families.
  2. You can donate money to help fund our charitable renovation projects.
  3. You can donate new or used tools, building materials and supplies that we can use on projects or sell at the LifeCycle Building Center to raise money to fund projects.
  4. You can help us spread the word to help us raise more awareness, volunteers, sponsors, money, supplies and building materials.
  5. You can help us find sponsors (churches, organizations, businesses, or individuals) to do all the above.
  6. Be CREATIVE! Tell us how you would like to help. We need help with PR, lunches, fund-raising, and every area you can imagine.

Please contact the Fuller Center of Atlanta if you would like to volunteer your services. Thanks in advance!

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