Volunteer Opportunities

Fuller Center for Housing is looking for committed volunteers for the many positions including:

Executive Director

Family Selection Chairperson

Family Partnering Chairperson

Finance Chairperson

Construction Chairperson 

Church Relations Chairperson

Fundraising Chairperson

Social Media Coordinator


Web Design

Book Keeping

Event Planners

Volunteers for Construction


3 Responses to Volunteer Opportunities

  1. Monique says:

    I would like to volunteer with the fuller center

  2. John Reteneller says:


    I learned about your org from a work colleague. I would like to have a conversation about doing some volunteer work. I have two young sons (almost 13 and almost 10) so they may be able to help out along with me. I am a good carpenter and have done a good bit of painting. Professionally, I manage a team of people in HR for AT&T.

    Thank you.

  3. Jay Martin says:

    Hi, I have a group of around 20 people at the business I work for that are looking to volunteer on a weekend. Just trying to get some information on what is available and what we could do.

    Thank you

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